Project Description

Project Background

Lakeland Inns are a family run group of pubs and hotels based in Cumbria. They have a very busy events schedule and initially approached us to create some event materials for print and social media.

We have since been working with them for over a year now and have had the opportunity to develop a group wide rebrand, as well as designing their seasonal marketing campaigns that run throughout the year. These consist of print materials including newspaper ads, posters, social media graphics and landing pages.

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What we did…

We designed a style guide for all of the pubs to adhere to, ensuring a consistent brand image throughout the Lakeland Inns group. Each pub has it’s own long history so was important for the branding to be flexible enough to be able to represent this. By creating a core set of brand rules whilst at the same time giving enough flexibility for each pub to have it’s own sub-brand we were able to achieve this. Each pub now has it’s own name and iconography while still adhering to the core rules.

Illustrations were created to represent each of the pubs within the Lakeland Inns family. These illustrations were created in a style that represents the history of the pubs that they identify. To add a touch of fun and modernity to an otherwise traditional logo we included the location of each pub in a sweeping brush font. To enhance the creativity and dynamism of the brand we created a colour palette that would compliment the primary Lakeland Blue colour. The colour palette would be used to highlight areas of interest on menu’s and advertisements. Each location will also use one of the colours as part of their sub-identity.

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