Project Description

Project Background

Stringers Beer is an award winning family run brewery based in Ulverston in Cumbria. They initially approached us to design some attention grabbing pump clips for the pubs that sell their beers.

Since then we have worked on a variety of projects for the brewery. These include branding and design for new beers and ales as well as creating packaging and labels for bottles, cans and mini kegs.

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What we did…

To begin with we designed some attention grabbing pump clips which would stand out from other competition and draw the eye of punters. With the project being a success, the brewery have since launched several new beers,  of which the packaging and branding are designed and created by us.

For each new beer we were tasked with creating a bottle label, keg label, can design and pump clip. Each design needed to embody all that the beers represent with a unique identity, whilst at the same time making the product recognisable as part of the Stringers family. 

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